Who We Are

Unifor ACL represents the unionized Bell Aliant workers in the four Atlantic provinces;

  • Prince Edward Island – Unifor Local 401
  • Newfoundland and Labrador - Unifor Local 410 
  • New Brunswick – Unifor Local 506 
  • Nova Scotia – Unifor Local 2289

The purpose of the Unifor ACL is:

  1. To jointly bargain and administer all aspects of the common collective agreement between Unifor ACL Locals 401, 410, 506 and 2289 and their employer;
  2. To jointly establish, administer and manage all designated Unifor ACL Funds;
  3. To encourage membership through the member Locals and through the broader labour movement;
  4. To promote cooperation in collective bargaining among the member Locals;
  5. To promote job security and enhance the terms and conditions of employment for all members of the Unifor ACL;
  6. To provide appropriate representation for the membership of each of the member Locals;
  7. To regulate relations between individual members and their employer;
  8. To promote solidarity within the labour movement;
  9. Work in concert with Unifor National, the CLC and Federations of Labour to support political action campaigns.